Painting, Sculpture and Mixed Media.


Most of the paintings are oil on canvas, some are acrylic on canvas and panel. I've recently been developing 'combines': paintings on three dimensional objects.

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The sculptures vary from table top sized bronzes and ceramic sculptures to large public installations.

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See the latest drawings, painting, sculptures and combines.

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A Salish Sea study
Gift Lies Not in its Price

Newest Works

See the latest drawings, painting, sculptures and combines.

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Blue Eden
Patronus & the Nature Lover
Tesla Stack


Vancouver Biennale

A stack of five cars, precisely balanced on a twisted old-growth cedar trunk, erupts from a patch of green grass—an incongruity amid the spider web of roadways and elevated rapid-transit lines edging the downtown core of Vancouver. The 33-foot-high, 25,000-pound... Read More

Sculpture Magazine - 2017

Contrasts mesh in the work of Laura Wee Lay Laq and Marcus Bowcott

The title of this small exhibition, fire/water, refers to one artist’s subject and another artist’s process. Laura Wee Lay Laq’s hand-built ceramic vessels achieve their distinctive surface markings through the raku-like way in which they are fired. Fire essentially brings... Read More

The Georgia Straight - 2017

Our Floating Forests

North Vancouver artist Marcus Bowcott still has a pair of old hobnailed boots that he laces up to keep his footing while working on log booms. But he carries a camera and sketchbook now instead of a pike pole. In... Read More

Canadian Art - 2011

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