Drawing Series


On a brisk February night in 1999 a live 1,250 pound bull was visited upon the grunt Gallery.

A cave painting was projected onto the bull and the smooth, angular gallery walls. Ancient myths and stories were re-told. We talked about bison, bulls, and palimpsests (and nature & culture).

The thing I remember the most from that evening was the presence of the enormous bull and the respectful hush of the audience. Here we all were, crammed into this small gallery with a massive unpredictable creature, and a shared a sense of reverence.

Capitals and Columns

This series was provoked by fantastic scenes of wrecked car mountains spilling into a river which was lined with log booms – old growth forests – half buried in the intertidal mud.

The River

I started working on Coastal & River boats when I was twenty-five and was done with them by my forty-forth birthday. I spent a lot of time in the North Arm of the Fraser and witnessed a lot of changes to the natural environment due to industrialization.

Bush Dynasty & Co.

I began experimenting with ceramics while teaching drawing and painting at Capilano University. The ceramics instructor, Sam Kwan, was expert in glaze technology and he helped me experiment with a range of different glazes. A green celedon glaze was my favourite.

Around that time the USA had recently invaded Iraq (on the rationale of a lie), hence the name of this series of work. These ceramic pieces led to other 2 & 3D work.


Most of these paintings are landscapes containing human made objects and architecture.

Water Surfaces