Sculpture Series


On a brisk February night in 1999 a live 1,250 pound bull visited the grunt Gallery.

Ancient myths and stories were re-told of the 15,000 year old Wounded Bison painting projected onto the bull (and the smooth, angular gallery walls). We talked about culture, nature, bulls and palimpsests.

The thing I remember the most from that evening was the respectful hush of the audience. Here we were, crammed into a small gallery with this unpredictable massive creature and we felt a palpable sense of reverence.

The month long exhibition closed out with an auction of Art Meat.

Capitals and Columns

I’ve been developing this series since 1983, my final year of MA Degree studies at the RCA.

I began my MA studies focusing on painterly abstractions of water surfaces (which I still like to paint). But I felt a tear between the aesthetics of my painting practice and what I saw as a resource worker: fantastic visions of wrecked car mountains spilling into a river which was lined with log booms (old growth forests) half buried in the intertidal mud.

So I turned away from painterly representations of water surfaces towards surreal stacks of automobiles piled on top of each other, with the 18th C printmaker/ architect Piranesi in mind.

We take it for granted that objects of desire and manufacture are presented in glossy magazines, on billboards, television monitors and pedestals. I’m merely re-presenting these same objects on upside down trees and Ironic Columns.

Bush Dynasty